Feature Request: Physical Asset item type (or Customizable Templates)

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Nick Peelman says he uses secure notes to store serial numbers and the like. Well, so do I.

What would be very help, however, is to have a new record type for a physical asset. Standard field could include: vendor, retail price, purchase price, website, purchase date, order/invoice number, customer number, serial number. The rest could be put in a the notes section -- including photo, video, docs.

Increasingly, I suspect many 1PW users (like me), are using 1pw to store more than login un/pw. In this way, it's become a virtual locker: everything from driver's license, passport, birth cert, etc to record of high-value assets, medical information, etc.


If 1pw is set up properly (using Dropbox), no matter what catastrophe befalls you, you'll always have access to this vital information.

I tech/train my clients to be prepared to lose EVERYTHING (iDevices, home/apt, all computers, backup drives, etc) and still be able to get to theit vital information quickly via a Internet browser (using computer at friend's, FedEx Office, or anywhere you can find a computer.)

The essential elements to the are:

1/ Know your Dropbox un/pw (memorized! -- or written down somewhere in wallet or someplace of permanence, but don't identify it as "Dropbox password"!)

2/ Know your 1PW masterpassword (memorized)

With those two things, you will never lose your essential information.


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    Thanks for the feedback, scjoyner! I've split your post from the other thread since this is more of a feature request than a story. I will definitely pass your vote along to the developers for some new item types (or customizable templates which would allow the same flexibility or more). :D
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