Always reveal verification number would be nice

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I can't find a setting to turn off the annoying "reveal" button EVERY TIME you want to see a credit card verification number. If there is a setting, where is it? If there isn't, please make one.

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  • Hi @boenna!

    Thanks for posting. I see you having trouble with revealing the CCV number. The great news is it's rather easy to view concealed items, once you know the shortcut. I can remember when then they revealed it to me all those years ago, but I digress.

    For a quick look at concealed information, press the option key, and release it. As long as the key is pressed down, the concealed item(s) can be seen or shown to the user. Releasing it returns the concealed item to a masked state. It's beneficial when traveling, for example, and you need to verify something quickly.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

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