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1Password X Chrome & Desktop App not in sync.

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If a add new logins with 1Password X 1.18.0 for Chrome, I can't find them in the Desktop App 7.4.2.BETA-1 (70402001)
-> 1Password X Chrome & Desktop App are not in sync!

Is this a bug or how long does it take until the apps are back in sync?


  • Hey @HOgi. I'm sorry you're having some sync trouble. Things should be near instantaneous here. Do you happen to have any network software installed that could be interfering with syncing? I'm thinking things like VPN, firewall, antivirus, ad blocker or other extensions, proxy, etc.

  • HOgiHOgi
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    No, sync between 1Password X and Website (online version) work fine, only the 1password dektop app has still the old data after minutes...

  • ceceliacecelia

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    @HOgi do the changes ever make it to the desktop app? Since 1Password X and 1Password.com are able to communicate, there's likely an obstruction on the 1Password for Mac side of things. Do you have Desktop App Integration enabled?

    When you unlock 1Password X, then "right click" the 1Password X icon, then choose Settings, do you see any errors? Can you send a screenshot of this page? Please be sure to obscure any personal information.

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