Are you really intending on fragmenting your product?

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Why is there not a single forum for product-wide discussion or feature requests? Seems like you are encouraging silos within your development teams

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  • Ben

    Hi @ruu,

    The Memberships category would generally be a good spot for discussion that is applicable across all / multiple of our apps. :)


  • persod
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    I am a long time 1Password mac-user and am a bit confused regarding version 7. Where is the relevant info on upgrade? I (think I) am on a 30-day trial on 7, but uncertain about this. Membership is probably my best alternative, but am looking at family deal also. Please share links that can enlighten me ;-) Thank you!

  • Hi @persod

    I like to start at the support page. It's a great jumping off spot. If your looking to compare a Family vs individual plan then you would go here: * Being sure to click on the tab at the top of the page saying "Personal and Family."

    You asked about information on the upgrade, and you can find that here: If what your looking for is more details of whats new in 1Password 7, you can find that here:

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