Shared Vault password - does it auto-populate?


Hello, we are evaluating 1Password for our business, and I was trying to determine how the Shared Vault works. If I update a password on my browser that is saved in the Shared Vault, does it automatically update? AND - most importantly, does it update in the other users browsers if they are logged in to 1Password? In essence, the updated password "syncs" for all users. I do not want each of my users who share passwords to have to manually update the new password in their browser. (FYI - Dashlane has this function).

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  • @ArcisVault

    Hi, yes, a Shared Vault would do just that, that being the password is updated for all of the users. If the user is off-line and they come back online, then the password will be updated at that time. For further clarification, saving the password in the browser would need to be through our browser extension.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions, we're her to assist you.

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