[Security Suggestion] The default vault when making a new password should not be the "shared" vault

I have a 1Password family plan that includes a shared vault. When I am prompted to auto fill in login fields that don't have a password yet, I'm prompted to make a new password in 1Password., but when I save it and it prompts me for the vault, the default is the shared vault.

This makes it easy to accidentally share your private passwords. My suggestion is to make the default vault the user's private vault.


  • andiAGandiAG

    Team Member

    Hi @Vash, the Personal vault is usually the vault that 1Password defaults to saving. I'm not sure why it isn't for you right now, but we can change that!

    Open and unlock 1Password and tap Settings > Vaults, now tap where it says "Vault for saving" and select your Personal vault. :)

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