2FA/authenticator view

I'm trying to move over my 2FA authentication codes over to 1Password but it's way harder to use than Authenticator or Authy because theres no single page listing all the available codes. I have to search through my logins to find the one I need instead.

Has the team considered this feature? A new tab just listing all 2FA codes would be great because that's the last thing standing in the way of only using 1Password for all my authentication.


  • andiAGandiAG

    Team Member

    Hi @ankits, thanks for the feedback :)

    Rather than show all the 2FA codes in one place we've been focussing on getting 1Password to fill these codes for you without you ever needing to open the app. Is your 1Password not filling these codes for you?

    If it isn't, could you check that you have Autofill and Accessibility turned on in 1Password > Settings > Autofill? There's also an additional setting in there to Auto-copy one-time passwords to the clipboard, which may be helpful.

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