Chromium Edge, use X from Chrome or Edge store?

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It looks like the new ChromiEdge browser supports both the original Edge extensions API as well as Chrome extensions. Right now in CrEdge I can install X from either the Edge extension store or the Chrome store, and either appears to work. My question is which one you would recommend using at this stage? Should I favor the version in the Edge store since it is presumably validated for Edge specifically, or should I favor the one from Chrome store as it probably has a larger userbase and maybe gets more active development?

I am eager to get your thoughts. Thanks.


  • kaitlynkaitlyn

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    That's a solid question, @MatthewMWR! There's a setting that you'd need to tweak in Chromium Edge to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store. If you install 1Password X from the Edge Store, on the other hand, you won't need to enable any additional settings. I'd probably go with the installation from the Edge Store myself, but I don't necessarily have an argument one way or another.

    As a side note: you did post this thread in the 1Password X beta forum, so if you're interested in the beta version, you'll need to grab it from the Chrome Web Store.

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