Moving items from one vault to another - business account

I have a highly structured (and now "tagged") system that I transferred from Lastpass. While that transfer was (relatively) flawless, it dumped all of the entries into one vault, tagged with the original hierarchy. Looked good so far.

Two problems:

  • I do not appear to be able to move items from one vault to another except one at a time. This is a SERIOUS impediment. (I am also evaluating for a 30-person company, and this would affect my recommendation FYI.)
  • I can't see how to establish a hierarchy inside a given vault.
    eg: I want a vault called "Internal Systems", I'd like subvaults of "Personal", "Corporate" and "Client" and be able to locate items within each

Any thoughts on this?

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    I think we can help out with both of these, @Rural_Tax_Wonk, but some of this may require some additional detail on your exact end goals, so if something I suggest isn't quite right, do let me know. I don't always get things right the first time, but hopefully we can get to that happy place working together. :chuffed:

    I do not appear to be able to move items from one vault to another except one at a time.

    You can move multiple items at once in any of the apps. You didn't mention what you're using and I'm a Windows gal personally, so I'll cover how that works on Windows. If you use a different device, let me know and I'd be happy to walk you through it. To move multiple items on Windows:

    1. Select a single item.
    2. Ctrl + Click additional items you want to move, or if you'd like to move everything in a given item list (whether that's a vault view, tag view or something else entirely), press Ctrl + A to select all items in the list.
    3. Right-click any selected item them select Share > Vault you want to move to > Move (or copy, if you'd prefer).

    This will move all of the items you selected in one go.

    I can't see how to establish a hierarchy inside a given vault.

    You mentioned you've already tagged thing so this may conflict with an existing organizational method you've got, but this is my go-to use case for tags. You can apply multiple tags to a single item giving you the option to have varying hierarchies if you need them, plus you can use nested tags such as Personal/Finance to create further hierarchy within a tag itself. These tags can (but don't have to) cross multiple vaults as well. If you'd like to find everything tagged Personal specifically in your Internal Systems vault, you'd select only that vault in your app (you can press Ctrl + D to show the vault switcher on Windows) and then select the Personal tag in your sidebar. This will show you only items tagged Personal within the Internal Systems vault. You can also select All Vaults, then select that Personal tag to see all items tagged Personal across every vault you've got. If you have a nested tag like Personal/Finance, you can expand Personal and select the Finance tag below it to only see items in the selected vault within that nested tag.

    This isn't exactly a hierarchical vault, but by strategically using tags and selecting the proper vault, you ultimately get the same effect – the ability to filter your item list down to only those items existing within that portion of your hierarchy.

    Hopefully this helps, but if it doesn't quite meet your needs, let me know what's missing. I'm happy to dig in deeper so we can find something that works well for you and your team. :+1:

  • Kate - yes, the {ctrl}-click is Windows CUA and what I would expect to just....doesn't. I'm using Chrome (current version) as a browser, and I cannot do a 'select multiple' in either the website or in the extension.

    I have now installed the Windows app (which gives me some pause, as it asks for the secret key and login info...and I hope that is NOT stored anywhere on the PC)! I see that the {ctrl}-click works there, so can likely make that work for the time being.

    I'll play with the tags as you've suggested and see if I can make 'em work....might take some thought and experimenting!

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    See, I thought you might maybe be using the web app, @Rural_Tax_Wonk, but I wasn't totally sure. The web app is super handy – it allows you to manage permissions (who can see what where and what they can do with that data), create and share new vaults, run reports, manage billing, and plenty of other nifty stuff – but most of your day-to-day of moving, editing, tagging, etc. is generally best done in your native apps.

    Specifically regarding your Secret Key, it actually is locally cached – both in the apps and locally in your browser – but it is never transmitted to us. The reason for this is that the Secret Key's primary role is in protecting your data on our servers. It's important that we don't know it so that someone attacking our servers wouldn't be able to get it, but on your devices, your Master Password is your primary defense. You can find a general rundown of the Secret Key's role here:

    You'll also find a link to our security design whitepaper at the bottom of that article which takes a deeper, more technical dive into all things security, including your Secret Key, if you're interested. There's a lot of math involved, but I have to say its a surprisingly enjoyable read all the same. Our security team has a way of making all of the math understandable even to liberal arts majors like myself and keeping even the most technical details from being dry. And, of course, if you have any specific concerns about your Secret Key (or anything else), feel free to ask. If I don't know the answer, I can chase down our security team and get you one. :chuffed:

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