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Is Thera a real person to talk to about 1pw problems?

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Do you have live support ?


  • williakz
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    You post a description of your problem and the support folks will get back to you directly on a first-come, first-served basis. In the interim, you can try searching to see if your problem has come up (and been solved) previously. Good luck.

  • danco
    Volunteer Moderator

    Real people but not real time.

    All forum posts are read by staff members and replied to. Also, experienced users may be able to answer your questions faster than the staff can respond.

    You can also ask by email, but both email and forum posts are first come, first served.

  • To follow up on what's been said, we do not offer real-time based support. Our current offerings are here in the forum and via email. If it's a question involving matters that may be sensitive or private, we only answer those via the email/ticket system. However, if it's a general question, please feel free to post here should you wish to do so. If you decide email is the best course of action for you, please use [email protected]

    Looking forward to assisting you,

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