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My 84-year-old father uses 1Password, which helps with his growing dementia. Unfortunately, even with the app he’s having trouble managing passwords. Is there a way I can help him him using the1Password? It doesn’t look like printing his logins/passwords is possible or advisable. Also, I live far way from my father, so using his master password on his computer is not an option. I am physically remote from him.


  • I'm in a very similar situation to yours and have found 1Password Families quite useful in helping my aging family members navigate the increasingly complex access tests encountered everywhere online (and even offline!) these days. However, doing so requires significant "softening" of 1Password's primary focus on security and privacy in order make the package more directly user-friendly and supportive of remote and less able family members. Some of the support folks here are very understanding and helpful in this area. Good luck to you (and yours).

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    Hi @craigjnoble!

    Unfortunately, even with the app he’s having trouble managing passwords

    Can you please elaborate on this a little bit? What type of trouble are you referring to exactly? Is it in using the app or the browser extension, for example? Anything specific you can share would be useful, so we can give you some suggestions.

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    You might want to consider some remote control screen sharing program such as TeamViewer. There's a free version that is suitable.

    Help your father download TeamViewer QS (quick start), and you download and install TeamViewer. When he needs help, he launches the TeamViewer QS program, provides you with the passcode, which you enter into TeamViewer so that you can connect to, and remote control his computer to guide him.

  • @MrC:

    One issue with TeamViewer usage by older, less-savvy users is its tendency to legitimize scammers who use the program extensively in their vile predations on the elderly. If the OP and his family members use Apple products, macOS's embedded Screen Sharing utility is an excellent alternative for remote video-voice connections in either full-control or "read only" modes. I use the first when there's a critical or complex usually one-time setup activity required and the second for normal instructional assistance (just like Apple support does).

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