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Suggestion - ask to confirm the "quick lock code"

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Hi developers and beta tester!

I think you should add a confirmation process for the quick unlock code (i.e. ask the user to enter it twice to avoid unintentional mistakes). I'd make the user experience better while maintaining consistency with the OS (Settings.app ask you to insert the restriction and the unlock codes twice).



  • Agree on that double-check !

    In relation, on the Ipad (mini in my case) it would be nice if you could (dunno if the API allows for) to show a numerical keypad instead of the full one?
  • MikeTMikeT

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    Hi Luca,

    We'll look into it. We intentionally didn't ask more confirmations because you'll be able to reset it easily if it is not letting you in. 1Password will only allow you to enter it correctly the first time and if it wasn't, the app reverts to the master password automatically. Once you enter with your master password, you can go to the Settings again to reset the unlock code by turning it off and on.

    However, we'll add a note to see if we can add a confirmation screen.

    Thanks, guys!
  • lucasoldainilucasoldaini
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    edited November 2012
    I was talking about the procedure to set a quick unlock code:


    the app asks for the code just once; from an user perspective, I think I'd feel safer to be asked twice.
  • MikeTMikeT

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    Hi Luca,

    Correct, we're on the same page. I'm referring to the fact that even if you made a mistake with the unlock code, your data is still protected by the master password and you can always get back in because the app automatically reverts to the master password after the incorrect code.

    In other words, you'll always able to reset your quick unlock code once you unlock with your master password.

    In the past, you'd have to reinstall the app if you don't recall the PIN code or made a mistake, this also resets the data. Now, with the new system, it's easier and more secure since the PIN Code is no longer used as the primary method to unlock the data.

    However, we'll look into adding a confirmation screen to save some more time, so you can avoid entering the master password and resetting it in the Settings again.

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