what/where are environment variables for defining an external redis address/port/password?

deploying into an existing AWS container environment.

we have a running redis -- how do i configure the scim container to use that?

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    Hi @afieldWS

    Here are the associated options for running the op-scim binary directly:

        --redis: A fully formed redis URL, defaults to redis:6739
        --redis-host: The host for redis, using the default port (shown above)
        --redis-port: The port for redis, using the default host (shown above)
        --redis-password : The password for redis auth, defaults to none
        --redis-enable-ssl : Use TLS/SSL when connecting to redis, defaults to false
        --session: The location of the scimsession file or a base64 encoded scimsession file, defaults to $HOME/.op/scimsession
        --letsencrypt-domain: Requests a TLS certificate from LetsEncrypt.
                                NOTE: Changes listening port to :8080 for LetsEncrypt challenge traffic and :8443 for TLS traffic.
                                NOTE: DNS must be preconfigured, otherwise LetsEncrypt challenges will fail.
        --port: Changes the listening port of the SCIM bridge when not using LetsEncrypt TLS, defaults to 3002

    These can also be passed as environment variables, where each variable is prefaced by "OP_" and dashes are swapped for underscores.


    --redis-host becomes OP_REDIS_HOST
    --redis-enable-ssl becomes OP_REDIS_ENABLE_SSL

    These are not well documented since our transition from running as a binary to running in cloud containers. That is something we need to correct.

    Let us know if these don't work, or what exactly you are looking for with regards to your redis configuration.


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