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Plus button is broken in Portrait mode

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Is this bug reproducible? Yes
Which devices did this bug appear on and is it reproducible on any devices?
Ipad3 iOS 6.01 : always impossible
iPhone 5 iOS 6.01 : ok

A quick summary of the bug: the plus button is inactive

Detailed Step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce it: click doesn't respond (the click effect appears).


  • golfsierragolfsierra
    Community Member

    I got the same bug ... BUT it is only in PORTRAIT mode ... if you go to landscape the search-field is shown and the "+" button is active

  • So6So6
    Community Member
    That's it
    Landscape mode is ok
    Portrait is ok for iPhone but not ipad
  • michaelloosemichaelloose
    Community Member
    I have noticed the same behavior on a third-generation iPad. The Categories sheet slides up in landscape but not in portrait mode when I tap the Add button.
  • MikeTMikeT

    Team Member
    Hi guys,

    This is confirmed, we'll get this fixed as soon as we can.

  • So6So6
    Community Member
    idem for favorites
  • MikeTMikeT

    Team Member
    It's the same for Favorites and Folders.

    Right now, we just released beta 24 that will fix the plus button in the portrait mode for Categories only. We plan to fix the rest in future beta updates.

    Thanks for reporting this!
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