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Give Authorised Devices a Friendly Name

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As im using 1password more and more, and specifically the 1Password X chrome extension, its getting harder and harder to manage my dervices. Having 4 devices labelled as Chrome isnt that helpful. I use a work and a personal vault and use different profiles in Chrome, so always appear from the same IP address.

Can you, or do you plan to have a way of labelling the devices. I,e. "Chrome - Personal Macbook" and "Chrome - Work Laptop"

Is a bit of a nightmare if you needed to disable a device due to loss!

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  • Hi @qzzb

    Thanks for taking the time to write in with this concern. I can see how that might be frustrating! In the event of a lost device I'd suggest changing the Secret Key, which will then require that you re-authorize each device. But if you don't want to go that far I see how it would currently be difficult to account for which device is which. I'll let the team know of the suggestion for their future consideration.



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