Is it possible to import my passwords from Safari ?

I use Safari 13.0.5 on my iMac Catalina 10.15.3. I also use iCloud Keychain. It is not clear for me that mrc-converter would work. I am a new user of 1Password, currently in trial mode. Thanks.


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  • MrCMrC Community Moderator


    You can use the GetSafari12Passwords script in the converter suite .

    Here's a video you can watch showing the process.

    Catalina will require setting some permissions to allow the script to run and interact with Safari. One is System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility where you have to add Script Editor to the list on the right. See this post for a screenshot of the permissions dialog.

  • Thanks a lot. GetSafari12 worked perfectly and I imported the csv file directly into 1Password without problems. Thanks again for your help!

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    On behalf of MrC you're most welcome. I'm glad to hear that worked out. :) If there is anything else we can do, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Hi, I'm new to 1password7 using macOS Catalina version 10.15.4, Safari version 13.1 (15609., and 1Password 7 Version 7.4.3 (70403002) 1Password Store.
    I get through GetSafari12 fine. When I tried the next step the OS stopped me with this warning: "macOSConvertHelper cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware. Safari downloaded this file today at 6:17 PM from" and then giving options to Move to Trash or cancel.
    Any advice would be most appreciated.

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    @Jongiff ,

    The macOSConverterHelper is just a script to build the command line for you. You do not need to use it if you don't want to. Just follow the directions in the README.html for converting the CSV created by the GetSafari12Password script.

    If you want to use the Helper, right-click and select Open. The "app" is just packaged AppleScript, and you can view the contents.

    It's your choice.

    Ask if you need more help.

  • @MrC ,
    Thank you for the quick response. I am very inexperienced with scripts having almost never used terminal. I have created the pm_export.csv file. I believe this now has to be converted into a pif file so I can import it to 1password. mac0S won't allow me to open macOSConvertHelper even if I right click it, giving the same security message as above.

    I'm converting from Safari, and I don't see a converter for Safari in the README.html file, and when I type "perl --help" to terminal the error message is
    "": no such file or directory
    Thank you.

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    You're welcome.

    Let me explain the process, as I'm not sure where you're at.

    1. The GetSafari12Passwords script will create a CSV file, placed on your Desktop, named pm_export.csv.
    2. Use the csv converter via command line to convert that file into a 1P_import.1pif file
    3. Import the 1P_import.1pif file into 1Password.

    To do step (2), your terminal command would be something like the following two commands (depending upon where you placed the converter suite folder

     cd ~/Desktop/mrc-converter-suite
     perl csv -v ~/Desktop/pm_export.csv

    and this will convert the csv into a 1PIF file. The -v option is a verbose option, so you can see what happened.

    The error message you're seeing above is because the directory is not correct. I see I'm missing a step in the README for this - somehow that got lost, so I'll fix that.

  • @MrC , well that worked and took me back to my Unix days in the '70s -- the 1970s, that is. Thank you very much.

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator

    You're welcome @Jongiff

    Long live Unix, and...
    Enjoy 1Password!

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    Thanks for the assist here @MrC. :)


  • @MrC , I now have 300+ passwords in 1password imported from safari. A couple of questions:

    1. do I need also to import my Mac Keychain? I see instructions for that, but I'm not sure if that's redundant.
    2. I am having a very clunky experience trying to go through and clean up my passwords. 1password seems to creating new entries with only the password and not the login ID, and then I have to into it and convert it to an "account" (or something) and delete the old entry. It's taking 2-3-4 tries per password, which is time consuming and makes me think I am definitely using the tool incorrectly.

    Any help/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator
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    Hi @Jongiff


    1. I don't know what you have in the local macOS Keychain. You can look at it with Keychain Access. Items will be in Keychain if you saved certain credentials before or while you did not have iCloud Keychain enabled. You could export those, and import them into 1Password in a second vault, or during conversion, tag them using the --tags option so they are readily identifiable after import.

    2. Perhaps you should ask this question in another thread, so that the 1Password folks can provide you with assistance.

  • @MrC , thanks. Will do on item 2.
    On item 1, dumb question: is the local macOS keychain different from the iCloud keychain? And is the iCloud keychain the one I imported using GetSafari12Passwords and yesterday?

  • MrCMrC Community Moderator
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    Generally, when you enable iCloud Keychain, certain credentials, etc. get stored there. This allows your other devices to use them. But some items may already exist in the local macOS Keychain, or make sense to be local-only (vs stored in iCloud).

    GetSafarai12Passwords pulls Safari's passwords, and those will either be local or iCloud-based, depending upon how you've enabled/disabled iCloud Keychain. So, the answer is, it pull Safari's passwords, and these live in one or both of those two keychains.

    There's no clean, simple answer to your questions, because Apple has not made the process or mechanics transparent, nor clear. So, we all fumble a bit trying to pull from these Keychains data that was never intended or designed to be mass-retrieved as we're doing. To be safe, use the export instructions in the README for pulling the local Keychain items too.

    btw. 1) I've updated the README in the latest converter suite, and 2) I tried the Helper on a fresh download of this, and had no problem running it by right-clicking and selecting Open. This is required in Catalina, as per the README. Then, it ran just fine.

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