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Crash after canceling the send via mail dialog

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It occured to me now 4 times. it doesn't happen always.
Using the latest 1Password version on an iPhone 4 with the latest iOS.

I view a secure note and I tap Send...
Now I can choose Mail or Cancel and when I tap Cancel the app very often crashes...
Sometimes I can trigger it by editing and saving the note before trying to cancel the send dialog...



  • KosikoKosiko
    Community Member
    I still can reproduce that crash with the new version.
    And I sent the protocol to you via the ios app after restarting 1password after the crash. I hope that helps!!

  • Hi Stefan,

    Good catch, and good instructions on how to reproduce! After many attempts I was able to reproduce this as well. We will look into the cause of this crash.

  • KosikoKosiko
    Community Member
    Glad to help! :)
    Problem is still there with the new version.

  • MikeTMikeT

    Team Member
    Hi Stefan,

    We haven't fixed this. We'll mention it in the release note once we release the build that fixes it.
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