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I am leaving Lastpass because of a bad password vault breach, and I would really like to move to a solution where I can control where the passwords are stored (like on my machine, and nowhere else). I would also like to be able to backup my vault onto an external hard drive, that I can put on my shelf. If I can do that then the next time my account is deleted by some malicious hacker, at least I will have a copy of all those passwords and I can try to get to those sites and change the passwords before the hacker does. I get the impression that this used to be possible with 1Password. Is it still possible with 1Password?

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    Welcome to the forum, @karenApp! Indeed, this is still possible in 1Password. It's called standalone data (and a standalone license). You can't make backups from within 1Password to anywhere you wish, but 1Password will make daily backups of your data to a fixed location in your ~/Library folder (on the Mac, slightly different on Windows) and you can - and should - back those up to any external solution you wish.

    However, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that the most secure (and redundantly backed-up) way to use 1Password these days is with a 1password.com account. With a 1password.com account, you have data stored encrypted at all times on our servers, plus a local cache on every device you use 1Password on, so you're never without your most important data. However, the choice is yours: standalone license or 1password.com account. Let us know if you have any questions.

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