Percentage of Mac vs PC 1Password users

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Just curious what the percentage of Mac vs PC users are of 1Password.
Since the majority of the market uses PC's I would expect that the majority of 1Password customers also use PC's?

How about iOS vs Android?

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  • ag_ana
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    Hi @Cartman!

    I don't know about the exact numbers, but I am quite sure that the Mac users are many more than the Windows users. 1Password was an exclusive for Mac for years, so we have been offering a product for Mac for much longer than for Windows. And the same holds for Android.

  • williakz
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    That'll be where the big AG development push is applied: 1P for business customers on Windows. The good news is that 1P is already highly developed (though not perfect!) for Mac users.

  • Cartman
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    Thanks Ana....quite surprised that the product still has more Mac users considering the push into business. We chose 1Password for our company since it has good support for both platforms.

    We have seen a large change away from Mac to PC due to reasons that I won't go into...mainly a shift in the industries we service. It has been interesting to see former die hard Mac users starting to request PC's. Supporting both platforms has it challenges but we lock down Windows so much that Mac support was a bit higher until we started to lock them down as well.

  • I would've had the same expectations, @Cartman. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the not so distant future it were the opposite.


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