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How best to handle situations where one cannot sign into 1password and doesn't have secret key

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Hello, I was recently on vacation and had my Iphone stolen. At this time, I had no other devices with me that I could use to sign into 1password because my secret key was back home. This means I had no way to access any of my accounts such as email or apple id until I got back home and had access to another device which I had already logged into or my secret key. I'm hoping to get advice on how I can mitigate this kind of situation in the future. Is there a standard practice in the security world? My first thought is to store my secret key on some other account that I could log into, but this strikes me as a terrible idea because it would be vulnerable to security breaches etc. Any advice is appreciated!

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  • Ben

    Hi @Jstuff36

    I'm sorry to hear about your iPhone. Personally if I were going to be traveling I'd keep a printed copy of my Secret Key on my person. Others may have other recommendations, but that's what I'd do. :)


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