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Inconsistent buttons (Edit/+) in navigation bars (Favorites/Categories/Folders)

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In Favorites, Categories and Folders it's possible to edit your existing data ('Edit') and create a new item ('+'). I would make sense to use the same buttons in all views. This applies both to iPad and iPhone.

From top to bottom you see the navigation bar for favorites, categories and folders. The last one is folders when tapped 'Edit', including the content below the navigation bar.



  • jhogervorstjhogervorst
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    A few minutes later I think I known the reason why you chose for the other approach (for folders): when inside a subfolder, there's a back button at the top left side, so the 'Edit' button couldn't be positioned like I suggested.

    However, if you implement swipe to delete for folders, you can just remove the 'Edit' button and place the '+' button at the right as suggested, which is consistent with Favorites and Categories :)
  • MikeTMikeT

    Team Member
    Hi Jonathan,

    Correct, that's why we did it. Unfortunately, not everybody will be aware of the action bar (swipe left to right), so there'll be some initial confusion. We'll keep it as is for now until we find another way to handle Folders, we do plan to reconsider how Folders work. It is a bit awkward to work with and we want to find a better solution for it.

    Thanks again for another great report!
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