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[Suggestion] Integrate logins in browser history/suggestions/auto-completion

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The in-app browser currently doesn't have history/suggestions/auto-completion when you start typing a URL. Is this something you're still working in, or won't the browser have a history?

I thought it might be cool to integrate logins (especially their URL's) in the browser's address bar. Example: when I start typing "forum.agi" in the browser, an item 'AgileBits Forums' with the full URL would show up, because I have saved that as a login. Using this you could open websites with saved logins extremely fast.

I hope you understand what I mean. If not, I'll Photoshop an example screen.


  • MikeTMikeT

    Team Member
    Hi Jonathan,

    We have some plans about how to handle this but it is not likely to be finished in time for the first release. There are some security implications we need to consider for keeping a history but we hope to implement this in a future update.

    It is a great idea, we actually already have it on the list.

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions!
  • khadkhad
    1Password Alumni
    FWIW, I'm rooting for this as well, Jonathan. 1Password should be such a great browser that people want to use it instead of Mobile Safari, and this is one thing that would really help. :)
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