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Bug: focus stays at URL field in internal browser when opening the first browser tab

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  • Is this bug reproducible?

  • Which devices did this bug appear on and is it reproducible on any devices?

iPhone 4 iOS 6.0.1 (just have this one)
  • A quick summary of the bug:

If you open the FIRST tab in the internal browser, the focus stays at the URL field
  • Detailed Step-by-step instruction on how to reproduce it:
  1. close all tabs in the internal 1Password Browser
  2. switch to your Login category and choose one of your Logins
  3. tap on the URL-field and let the internal browser call this URL
  4. you can see the Website, but the focus stays at the URL field, like if you want to change the URL
  5. if you open the next browser tabs everything works fine, the Website opens and the URL bar will be hidden

happens in the neweset build at the moment: 4.0b26


  • MikeTMikeT

    Team Member

    Thanks for reporting this, this is a known issue and we should have this fixed as soon as possible.

    You don't have to close all tabs, just open any website in the vault mode, it'll focus into the address bar while the site is loaded with a gray overlay on the site.

    Thanks again!
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