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Erase Data, popup notification

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edited November 2012 in iOS
Hey guys,

I removed my data tonight to re sync etc.

After removing it the pop up says no changes were made to your iCloud data. I don't have iCloud on so maybe this should be a little better labeled. I am using Dropbox so its a little confusing.

If your asking why I tried the removal :) I was attempting to fix some of the software section missing icon. I have icons for apps that have no website address stored in the entry. I however am missing about 95% of the icons. So hopefully this is still a work in progress. Oh btw the reset had no effect on the icons, the only icons showing up are the original few that showed before resetting the data.

edit: I also toggled the show rich icons button before attempting the removal.


  • khadkhad
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    Thanks! I've made a note of this and suggested some other improvements here as well. :)

    The rich icons are definitely a work in progress since we are now using an image server for them.
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