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Assortment of first impressions and VoiceOver bugs

First impressions: I really like the new look and feel. The whole app feels a lot more polished than previous versions, and I look forward to this permeating into the Mac version too. I haven't had much time to play with it yet, but here are a few little things I found:

My config: an iPhone 4S running iOS 6.0.1, with all three sync options enabled (the lights are on, I don't know whether anyone's home), with English VoiceOver, and located in Britain.
  • In categories and folders, if a container only has a single item (for example, if I only have one SSN stored), then the label text is "1 items", both visually and with VoiceOver. This feels sloppy.
  • In the main screen, the tab to enter the web mode is simply labelled "Tab 5 of 5" with VoiceOver. This isn't very helpful or specific.
  • On the lock screen, when you're entering your master password, the key in the bottom right hand corner is labelled "Return". Perhaps "Unlock" would be more appropriate, and picking it out in the blue button colour?
  • With VoiceOver enabled, go into Settings > Sync > Logs. The three log options are all appropriately labelled, but selecting any one of them with VO enabled causes the app to crash. You'll probably have had several crash logs in quick succession from me as I tested this behaviour.
  • While we're in sync logs, the sort order of the logs, at least on my device, is the opposite to the sync screen. That is, sync screen is sorted "iCloud, Dropbox, File Sharing", while the list of logs is sorted "File Sharing, Dropbox, iCloud". This seems a bit odd.
  • Sticking with the sync screen, if you move to the progress bar under a sync option while the device is syncing, you don't seem to get any feedback on what you've selected. At one point I got a "98% complete" prompt or similar, but it doesn't occur consistently. Once you've selected that area, if you double tap while nothing is happened, it responds "Selected" and then starts a new sync. But it's still not clear what area of the screen is selected.
  • In the web mode, the VoiceOver tab bar buttons have somewhat ambiguous VoiceOver labels. The fourth is labelled "Fill", which I think could be perhaps a bit more specific? Not sure, but it felt a bit ambiguous to me. Also, the first tab sounds like "Switch to law mode". I have no idea what this is trying to say.

I would give some more feedback, but (i) I need to go to bed, and (ii) my phone's battery has just run out. Soon.


  • PS I will write these up as proper bug reports tomorrow; I just wanted to get them written down now before I forgot them all.
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    Thank you very much for the feedback. It is very helpful!
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