Adding a family member who is currently using 1Password 6 standalone

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My wife has been using standalone 1Password 6 on her own Mac laptop, as well as on an iPad with iOS. I have signed up for a 1Password Families account and have successfully migrated to it.

I would like her to upgrade to the 1Password 7 app, then migrate her own data (her Primary vault) to the Family account. I assume she would then be licensed under the Family account, rather than her standalone license. What is the process for her migrating to the Family account, once I send her an invitation? Is it exactly the same as the process I went through? Reading the tutorials and the forum, it reads like when you invite a family member, they will join the family account starting with a new empty vault. However, my wife already has a Primary vault for the standalone version. Will that get migrated to her new Private vault?

Just want to know what too expect before we get started. Thanks.


  • Ben

    Hi @Architect

    If you had data in 1Password before you signed up then yes the process would be the same for her once she accepts the invite and adds her account within the family to her apps. Additional details are outlined in this guide:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    We've tried to make the process fairly painless so if you have any trouble please let us know.


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