How do I get PIN back for auth when FaceID doesn’t work (due to mask)

Is there any way to enable a PIN authentication when FaceID fails (like when I’m wearing a mask?), and failback to master password after 1 or 2 PIN fails? I understand the security risk, but my only other option is to make my overall master password less secure so I don’t have to retype the entire (way too complex on the iOS keyboard) thing every time I need to get into 1Password outside my home. 🙁


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    I experienced this very issue yesterday at the grocery store.

    Before doing this make sure you know your Master Password. If you don't you could lock yourself out of your data.

    1. Settings > Face ID and Passcode > Other Apps - disable 1Password.

    2. 1Password > Settings > Security > enable PIN Code.

    Edit: I recommend re-enabling Face ID once all of this is over.

  • Could I request an enhancement that allows the use of face id or a pin? I would like it to use face id by default, but if face is not recognize allow the use of a pin, not my master password. 50% or more of the time I am not wearing a mask, but when I am this program is really hard to use. In the latest iOS update apple did something similar.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the suggestion. :) I can't make any promises, but I will bring it up with the team for consideration.


  • Thanks Ben. I was not looking for a commitment. Just hoped the request might make it to the right people and it sounds like that happened...

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Indeed :+1::)


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