1Password command-line tool version 0.10.0 !


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edited April 2020 in CLI

I'm very happy to announce the release of v0.10.0!

This release contains a couple of item-related improvements that you have been asking for:

  • op edit item allows you to update existing fields of an item.
  • op create item was changed to accept the same field assignments as op edit item, making it possible to create items without have to get a template first!
  • The --generate-password flag was added to op create item and allows to initialize a password or login item with a random password (with default settings).

Command help and error messages have been further improved and with that we also launched a new command-line tool reference page which contains all commands and their options: https://support.1password.com/command-line-reference/.

I hope you enjoy this release! As always, we are happy to hear back from you!

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