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  • @brenty @Ben Hi there! I've been a happy 1P customer since many years, and last year I switched from standalone licenses to your membership model (personal, as I'm a single user).

    I did such switch driven by your strongly marketed promise overall implying the membership model would only add advantages/possibilities/features compared to standalone's. Only now I'm however sadly discovering that's not quite the case overall, due to the definitely not uncommon scenario described above (which I'm currently finding myself into as well) and the related limitations — not advantages — of the membership model in this regard.

    My basic need would be to be able to create a separate vault for work to be used on my managed work machine, without risking to compromise the privacy of my personal account/vault data (i.e. by having to insert my related credentials on such "hostile" machine). Which would simply require setting up a different master password for the work vault, and being able to use that independently from my personal one.

    In the good 'ol standalone model that was very easily possible, for free, just by creating two separate vaults for personal and work use, and selectively syncing only the latter on the work machine.

    But on a personal membership model I now see that is NOT really possible — unless being forced to pay a premium price for switching to the Families tier (which would allow the above, yet that's not really needed otherwise!), or for setting up an additional paid subscription 😖

    Quite frankly, this sucks big time and feels quite unfair! Especially considering that also for all memberships you say "Unlimited Devices. Use 1Password on as many computers and devices as you own, whether at home or at work.", which while being technically doable would not be advisable to practice, as it'd compromise the user data privacy/security (having to type in the personal credentials and master password to license 1P's app on a managed work machine and access the work vault...).

    I'm quite bummed on this, yet I really hope that you can still shortly provide a valid alternative that does not require to pay anything extra for something that could always be done before with a simple license.

    Did briefly touch the subject with your email support as well, who suggested Travel Mode as a viable option for such case. Which however doesn't really sound like an option at all, as it would drastically decrease usability at many levels, and anyhow still partially compromise user data.

    Could you please let me know? Thank you!

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    Hi @fr1pspp

    Thanks for sharing your use case here. I totally understand the desire to keep personal data off of your work computer, while still being able to use 1Password for work purposes. It seems we did not address this case as well as one might hope, particularly for individual user accounts. I believe we've already discussed and exhausted all of the technical options available here, but I'm going to loop back with Jessy and see if there are any other options available to us. If we come up with any further ideas we'll be in touch via email. :+1:


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