Setting up my account on my iPhone

Hello all,

I’ve just attempted to set up my account on my iPhone, by logging into my account on my PC, selecting Accounts - my name - Set up other devices, presenting me with my Setup Code as a QR code.

On my iPhone I have followed the stages to set up an existing account and allowed the app to use my iPhone’s camera to capture the QR code, which automatically inserted my sign-in address, email address and Secret Key. I typed in my password for the vault and all was correct.

However, the iPhone app didn’t progress and instead presented me with an additional login box, as shown in the image below. A small symbol is shown, of two curved green lines above a green padlock. A number is required. I have no idea what number to insert here.

Can anyone help?


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @tango444

    This indicates you've enabled two-factor authentication (TOTP) for your 1Password account. The number being requested is the current TOTP code (which changes every 30 seconds):

    You'd need to use the authenticator app you set up when you enabled TOTP to generate such a code so that you can enter it into 1Password for iOS. :)


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