SCIM Setup OneLogin via AWS Terraform

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Hi Beautiful 1password people,

We set up 1password scim (aws terraform) with OneLogin by following --->

We enabled provisioning at 1password & onelogin.

Basically provisioning is not working.

Is there a way to trace logs whats happening ? Even though API successfully enabled it seems not communicating.
Under provisioning, I don`t see groups populated or pulled from 1password.

Thank you


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  • Ferhat
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    Comment to add to my question ---> Is SCIM EC2 Instance at AWS - shouldn't be accessible via Public DNS ? in order 1Password to talk with SCIM bridge runs on AWS EC2

  • cohix
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    Hey @Ferhat yes, you can get logs from the bridge by accessing the EC2 instance and getting the logs from the running service.

    Are you seeing any errors on the OneLogin console? Can you provide screenshots if so?

    The SCIM instance should indeed have public DNS and be accessible on the internet in order for OneLogin to communicate with it. A TLS certificate for HTTPS communication is also required, which can be configured by the bridge itself.

    Feel free to email and we can get you on a call with our support engineer if you would like!

    Let me know how we can help with debugging.

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