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I have two people in my family account, myself and someone else. I would like to convert myself and the other person to an individual account. It looks like I can delete the other family member, but by doing so appears to delete their entire account, including their private vault. Is there any way for the other person to maintain all of their private data but be on an individual plan?

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  • @attrapereves

    In such a situation, the best option would be to sign the other individual up for a new account. Sign them into the new account on their device. At this point, both accounts will be on the device. Move all of the data from their family private vault to the individual account private vault.

    Once everything is in place, sign out of the family account on that device. Once again, verify the data is still present in their individual account. If so, you can delete the other family member and downgrade the family account to an individual account.

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