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On iOS, is there any way to set 1Password’s default behavior to bypass the web browser that is built into 1Password, and use the actual iOS Safari web browser instead? I know that we can tap and hold on a URL in a login item and choose “Open in Safari”... is there any way to make this the default behavior when just tapping?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    edited June 8

    Hi @scotty321

    There is not, currently. There is ongoing discussion about removing 1Browser entirely (see iOS Restrictions App Rating 17+ [1Browser: built-in browser mandates this App Store rating]). If we were to go that route then links would presumably open in Safari, however, Go & Fill would not be possible.


  • Thank you for the information!

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    You're very welcome. Hopefully in a future version of autofill it'll be possible to support Go & Fill. That would make the decision much easier. If you'd like to advocate for that, Apple does accept suggestions:

    Specifically we would need a way for our app to tell the autofill API to fill a specific login item once the page loads. I've spoken with our development team on this point and we will be reaching out to Apple as well, but every voice helps.



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