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I am running 1Password 7.5 on MacOS Catalina v. 10.5.5 and use Safari v. 13.1.1. A few weeks ago both the browser extension and the open and autofill features within the app itself stopped working. In most cases, I could open the web site for a respective login in the 1Password, but autofill would not work, and I had to copy and paste the user id and password to the web site to log on. I had no previous issues of this type over the years and this seemed to have developed after the last round of updates to 1PW, Catalina, and Safari. I had installed no new software nor tweaked any settings.

I contacted 1PW help via email and was directed to try an uninstall and reinstall. That worked initially and the problem disappeared for a few weeks. However, today the issue came back, and I had to go through the same uninstall/reinstall process to get 1PW functioning again. I recontacted 1PW help and my contact suggests that this is an Apple Mac extension issue that might be addressed in the coming months, and until then, I am stuck with the uninstall/reinstall solution.

I would prefer not to have to continue with the uninstall/reinstall solution, if this is going to be a reoccurring problem. I have been a long term user of 1PW and would like to say onboard.

I am just throwing this out to see if anyone has seen similar issues or might have other suggested solutions. I have been scouring the forums and cannot seem to find anything relevant.


1Password Version: 7.5
Extension Version: 7.5
OS Version: OSX 10.15.5
Sync Type: Local


  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

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    Hey @john1027. What was your conversation ID (ticket number)? I'd like to take a fresh look at things and see if I have any additional suggestions I can offer (or, if I was the one who handled your case originally, maybe I missed something, and we can get a fresh set of eyes on things). :smile:

  • Hi Michael. The original ID is [#LPT-27177-767]. I had an additional email from Garrett last night who is going to jump in and take a fresh look. He has requested some additional information and log information, which I will provide today. Thank you for your reply.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the update @john1027. If the conversation has resumed by email let's keep it in one place, so as to avoid duplicating efforts. Thanks!


    ref: LPT-27177-767

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