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I have a standalone account and the instructions say I should not have a secret key and yet every time I sign in it asked for a secret. My old phone was destroyed and I’m not sure if it’s a Gmail or Yahoo account that I have but I know my password for sure

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  • ag_matthew
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    Hello @poetsawyer,

    You are correct, secret keys are only used accounts.

    To use the app with a standalone vault you'd need to scroll down on the welcome screen (instead of selecting the sign into option) and select the option to sync with Dropbox or iCloud, whichever you'd previously set up.


  • poetsawyer
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    I REALLY REALLY NEED HELP. I have tried everything you suggested. None of it works!!! I have had an account with you for a long time and the passwords in my vault are irreplaceable without a hundred hours of work. My new phone Has not been able to find the backups from my old phone. Please check your records. It is either < snip > or < snip >
    I would be glad to pay for your help. Please call me so I can easily identify the vault so you know this is not an attempt to fake access. < snip >. When I sign into dropbox or iCloud it says no vaults found.

  • ag_tommy
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    I have removed your personal information for your privacy. This is an open public forum. I would recommend not including it in future posts.

    As ag_matthew mentioned, you would need to point your new installation at iCloud or your Dropbox file. How did you sync your data previously, with iCloud or Dropbox? If you not use one pf these, then there may not be no file to find. Do you have a copy of your data on another device? If so, looking at that device may help you point the phone to the correct location.

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