1Password X "Suggested Password" workflow frequently results in losing the password

This happens to me on almost every site where I use the "suggested password" functionality: When the suggested password is used, 1Password X doesn't always detect that I'm on a registration page, so it doesn't offer to save the password it just generated, which means I must now immediately reset the password for some newly-created account.

Here's a case that literally just happened on this forum: I tried to log into the forum using my old AgileBits Forum account, but the password expired so I was asked to reset it. I clicked the link in the reset email and followed these steps:
1. In the new password box, select "suggestions" and "use suggested password".
2. Submit the form to change my password.

But wait... I didn't receive a prompt to update the saved password. Now I'll need to reset my forum password again, because after navigating away from that page, the password is basically lost forever.

I've noticed that the desktop version of 1Password solves this problem by automatically saving all passwords you explicitly generated. If I click "use suggested password" in 1Password X, it should immediately save the password to my 1Password vault at the same time that it populates the form field, even if it doesn't know which entry to save it under (I believe the desktop version saves it under some "generated passwords" category in this case). Another function 1Password X is missing that the desktop client uses to mitigate this issue is "previously-generated password" to populate a password field on a site where a password was recently generated. 1Password X is also lacking this.

Is there something I'm doing wrong in my workflow here? If not, I suggest that this behavior be

1Password Version: 1Password X 1.19.2
Extension Version: 1.19.2
OS Version: Firefox on Mac
Sync Type: 1Password account


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @kbuck!

    Do you see the generated password if you click the Generator History button in 1Password X?

  • Thanks, @ag_ana! That worked. I think that this is a bit more hidden than it should be, though, and the workflow for updating/adding a new login using a generated password is not ideal. (Is 1Password X supposed to auto-detect password updates? It doesn't seem to be nearly as accurate as the usual browser extension.)

    On the upside, though, I don't need to reset my forum password again.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Is 1Password X supposed to auto-detect password updates? It doesn't seem to be nearly as accurate as the usual browser extension.

    1Password X won't autodetect password changes the same way the companion browser extension does it, but you can force it to remember it in case 1Password X doesn't show the popup asking you to save. There is a button named Save in 1Password in 1Password X that lets you do that, and you can see an example here.

  • @ag_ana I have also frequently had trouble with this, and if you hadn't posted the above screenshot, I might never have noticed that little "history" button at the bottom. I would really love to see 1Password X become more aggressive about offering to save/update passwords.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for sharing your perspective on this, @FaeTheWolf. We'll continue to evaluate the balance between false positives and false negatives. :+1:


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