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I am using 1PX primarily with Chrome on a Mac. If I want to update or edit an existing entry, should I do it in 1PX, the full 1Password app, or doesn't it matter? I updated an entry last night in the full app, and it still hasn't updated in 1PX. Moreover, if I click the 1PX icon in Chrome, it takes me to our vaults at, and I can see that the entry has been updated there. But not in Chrome. I shouldn't have to quit and relaunch Chrome just to get the entries refreshed and updated, should I? How is this supposed to work?

1Password Version: 7.5
Extension Version: 1.19.2
OS Version: OS X 10.15.5
Sync Type:


  • Hi @siplhium

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble. You are correct: you shouldn't have to quit/relaunch in order to see new/edited entries. To get an idea of what is going on "under the hood" here, I'd like to ask you to send us the logs from 1Password X in Chrome. Instructions can be found here:

    Save a console log for 1Password in your browser

    At the step where you're asked to reproduce the issue, please do this:

    1. Create a new item in 1Password for Mac and save it
    2. Check 1Password X for the new item
    3. Check for the new item

    Along with the logs please include the results of the checks in steps 2 & 3 (e.g. did the item appear in each of those places?). Please email this information to [email protected]. You'll get an automated reply from BitBot with a support ID when you do. Please post that ID here so we can follow up. :)



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