Why can't I use 1Password X offline?

Why do I need an internet connection to use 1Password X? I can't edit items without internet. :angry:

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  • Hi @Martijnn

    1Password X currently uses the 1Password.com web app for editing items. The extension itself doesn't have editing capabilities. This does mean that an internet connection is required, so that you can load the web app. If you routinely need to edit items while offline you might consider using Desktop App Integration with 1Password for Mac (if you have a Mac). This changes the editor from the 1Password.com web app to 1Password for Mac, which can work offline. Desktop App Integration is a beta feature. To use it you'd need both the beta version of 1Password X as well as the beta version of 1Password for Mac. Additional details can be found here:

    Introducing Desktop App Integration for Mac! 🎉 — 1Password Forum


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