Which type for several passwords per file ?


I have to save many passwords for each of my clients.
In order to organize myself, I want to group all the passwords of a client in a single file.

I manage to add as much information as I want on a card. However, is it possible to have the "open and fill" actions for each of these connection identifiers?
What type of content should I create to save multiple passwords? The "connection" type would be perfect but seems dedicated to a single password.

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    Hey @vincentrocher ,

    A login item (or Connection as you call it) can only autofill a single set of username/password credentials. You can indeed edit it and add as many sections as you'd like, but you can only autofill one set of credentials.
    The only other way you can keep working with that item currently is by dragging and dropping the fields you need with your mouse from 1Password into the browser onto the appropriate fields, which will fill them. It is not fully fledged autofilling, but it will do the job.

    If you do want to have the ability to autofill, then I suggest the following workflow:

    1. Create a new login item for each website's credentials the customer has, and name it with the name of the website + the name of the customer. For example: Gmail - John Smith. Amazon - John Smith.
    2. Edit the item and also add the customer's name as a tag. You can add tags as keywords to each login item which will greatly help you find what you need quickly and effectively: https://support.1password.com/favorites-tags/
    3. When you need the info of a specific customer, simply type his name in 1Password's search and you'll get all of his logins and websites. You can also search for the website's name and the customer's name, which will narrow down the search since you named all the login items with the "Website Name - Customer Name" template.

    This will indeed create many login items in your 1Password, but it will be very easy to find what you need since the search results will be very precise.
    If you get too many logins and would like to keep things in order, the next step would be to create another vault, just for your customers, and separate them from your personal logins. You can create as many vaults as you'd like, and move items between vaults as needed, which will greatly help you keep things in order: https://support.1password.com/explore/whats-new-mac/#drag-and-drop-items

    I hope you'll find all these tips helpful.

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