No possibilities to unlock the extension pressing on the input field 1pass icon

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Hi all,
as in the title, I see there are no (longer?) possibilities to unlock the extension pressing on the input field 1pass icon. I need to press the extension icon in the top bar and unlock it.

I think that it used to work differently, giving the possibility to unlock the extension pressing on the icon in the input field. At the moment, if I press on it while the extension is locked, there is a warning that tells me to unlock the extension.

Maybe something changed in last release?

Faced the same on Chrome and Firefox, last stable builds, same 1Password X beta release.

1Password Version: 7.6.BETA-4 (70600004)
Extension Version: 1.21.0.beta (build #20116)
OS Version: macOS 10.15.5 (19F101)
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • ag_anaag_ana

    Team Member

    Hi @wizard86pz!

    When I click on the 1Password X icon in a form, and 1Password X is locked, I also get the popup that tells me to unlock the extension before I can use it (which is normal), but you can use the unlock shortcut (Shift + Cmd + X) to unlock, you don't need to explicitly click on the 1Password icon in the browser: the shortcut will take care of that for you ;)

  • Thanks for replay. Yes, I did know that. But was more to ask if something changed in last release. Thanks.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Hey @wizard86pz ,

    Nothing changed on that front of 1Password X. It has always shown a message to press a keyboard shortcut to show the popup from the top right corner of the browser :)

  • Thanks, so, my bad :)

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Don't worry about it :)
    Thanks for checking this with us, we highly appreciate it!

  • @ag_ana The latest 1Password X Beta release notes mention the change:

    When locked, 1Password will now automatically display a lock screen below the selected field. The lock screen will either display the keyboard shortcut to open the pop-up or a button to unlock using 1Password for Mac (when available). {!1563}

    When using 1Password X Beta in combination with 1Password for Mac Beta, this is a minor but irritating usability regression. The icon already indicates that 1Password is locked. Prior to this change, clicking the icon would immediately present the TouchID/password prompt. It now presents the popup with the Unlock 1Password button. Clicking the 'Unlock 1Password' presents the TouchID/password prompt, but getting to this point is now a 2 click operation where it was previously a 1 click operation. Not only does it now require 2 clicks, it has also introduced an inconsistency with regard to what happens when you click a 1Password button when 1Password is locked in macOS. Here is a before and after of what happens when clicking a 1Password icon when 1Password is locked in the various locations it is presented:


    • macOS status menu - Displays TouchID/password prompt
    • Chrome's extension toolbar - Displays TouchID/password prompt
    • Next to username/password input - Displays TouchID/password prompt

    Now (1.21.0.beta)

    • macOS status menu - Displays TouchID/password prompt
    • Chrome's extension toolbar - Displays TouchID/password prompt
    • Next to username/password input - Displays a popup, with an Unlock 1Password button.

    The shortcut isn't a replacement for clicking the icon next the the username/password input. Unlocking via the icon subsequently displays auto-fill suggestions. Unlocking with the shortcut does not do that even if you put focus in the username/password input prior to using the shortcut. You still have to click the icon after unlocking to get auto-fill suggestions.

  • nickmcguirenickmcguire

    Team Member

    Hey there @GeorgeCox!

    Thank you so much for your feedback.

    I think that a couple changes in this release might be at play, causing this multi-click experience. With beta 1.21.0, 1Password X will now attempt to automatically display the lock screen as a part of the page as soon as a field has become active. When available there is a button to unlock via 1Password for Mac which should end up in a similar number of clicks (because, to show the icon in the field you need to activate the field in some manner).

    With another change we've made, there are websites we won't automatically show the list of suggested items due to how the website developer has asked for the field to be treated.

    These two things together could be a part of the change you're feeling from the latest release. Which you're right is more clicks than it used to be.

    There is a shortcut that may help a bit here, when you're in a field with the 1Password icon (whether the lock screen is showing or not) pressing the down arrow will prompt you to unlock with 1Password for Mac (again when available).

    That said, I'd love to know any of the sites you're experiencing this flow on, and I'd be happy to dig into them.

  • @nickmcguire It was happening on, but it is now displaying the lock screen automatically. Not sure if that changed in the subsequent update or if it was a caching issue. Either way, it seems to be effectively a 1-click operation again. Also, since the lock screen started showing up automatically, suggestions do get presented after unlocking with the CMD+SHIFT+X shortcut. So, functionally, it seems to be back to as good or better than prior to 1.21.0.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you for the update @GeorgeCox! I am glad to hear this :)

  • nickmcguirenickmcguire

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    @GeorgeCox Really happy to hear that! When 1Password X gets upgraded, open tabs will hold onto some state until the tab is reloaded so it could have caught you there.

    Please feel reach out if you have anything else that comes up!

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