Command line tool version 1.3.x


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Today we released version 1.3.0 of the command line tool. As always you can download it and find changelogs here:

In this release we added standard input support to various get commands, most importantly get items. This can drastically improve performance when fetching multiple items. It also interoperates nicely with other op commands, for example:

op list items --vault Private | op get item -

To give some raw numbers: On my machine, the time to fetch 20 items by UUID reduced from 22 seconds to 3 seconds.

Adding standard input support to other commands is on our roadmap.

We also introduced a new environment variable: OP_CONFIG_DIR. You can use it to specify a different directory were the configuration is stored (the directory has to exist). This is mainly useful in automatic environments where configuration files are stored differently.

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