Lost account information/data when upgrading to 1Password 7

I have been using 1Password (Mac and iPhone versions) for a number of years. Today I attempted to upgrade to "1Password 7" on my Mac but somewhere along the line I have apparently screwed-up my access.

Although my iPhone still has my pre-upgrade "1Password" information (>1000 items which is also backed-up to my iCloud account), the pre-upgrade "1Password" app on my computer is no longer there. My computer now just shows the "1Password 7" app and unfortunately, the master password doesn't work on this app.

How can I either 1) revert back to the pre-upgrade "1Password" app on my computer which I can then sync to my iPhone 1Password information so I can start over? or 2) set-up a new "1Password 7" account with a new master password and then sync to my iPhone.

I am just incredibly afraid of loosing my account information.


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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @turnersaudi

    I'd be happy to help sort that out. To get started I have two questions I'd like you to answer for me, please. If you sign in at https://my.1password.com in a web browser do you see all of your information there? Also, is the iPhone signed into your 1Password account (1Password > Settings > 1Password Accounts)?

    Please let me know.


  • Ben -- Thanks for the follow-up. Concerning the two questions:

    1) On my computer I am unable to log-in because it says my master password is incorrect.
    2) On my iPhone I see all my information in the app but there is no existing account that the app is linked to. The app says it has found "1 account" that I can link to... but I don't have the master password for this either.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    It sounds like you forgot the Master Password you used during the upgrade. I am sorry to hear about this. For your privacy and security, your Master Password is not stored anywhere, only you know it. This means that it is not possible to recover it unless you are a member of a Families or Business accounts. If you have an Individual account or a standalone license, I recommend reading this article to try and recover your Master Password.

    If, on the other hand, you are part of a Families or Business account, you can ask another Admin to recover your account for you.

    If you still cannot recover your Master Password, we can certainly delete your account so you can create a new one with a new Master Password you know.

  • I have indeed forgotten my Master Password and I am the sole Admin for this account. But I can still see the ~1,000 items in my 1Password app on my IPhone and can even add/delete information in the 1Password app. The 1Password app also ‘syncs’ to my ICloud account.

    If I delete my 1Password 7 account on my computer/web and start over — will I loose the information on my IPhone? If the information remains on my IPhone, I could then use it as a guide to retype the information on a reset computer/web account.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Thanks for the additional information. In 1Password on the iPhone, is all of the data in a vault called 'Primary'? You can check by switching to the Primary vault in the vault switcher at the top left of the app. If it is, then deleting your account / resetting 1Password for Mac will not have any bearing on that data. Once you've done so, and set up a new account, you would use these instructions to migrate the iPhone to the account:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    Once the data is in the account it'll be accessible to you on any device you sign into that account (i.e. the Mac). I would highly recommend signing up for the new account in a web browser on the Mac, which will cause an Emergency Kit to be generated. I would recommend printing said kit, writing your Master Password on it, and then storing it someplace safe such as a fire safe or bank deposit box. More details about the Emergency Kit can be found here:

    Get to know your Emergency Kit

    I hope that helps!


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