1Password7 Master Password for Multiple Accounts

I am using 1Password7 with multiple accounts: One personal and now 2 accounts for businesses that I work with. I added the 2nd business account yesterday, and had trouble logging into 1Password7 on Mac OSX. Before adding the new business account, the app was expecting the master password for my personal account. I found out that the problem was that the app is not expecting the master password for the existing business account.

How can I change the master password for my Mac? All the information that I have found doesn't seem to point to what I see on my Mac.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @stevetfidalgo

    The way unlocking 1Password works is:

    • If a single 1Password.com account is logged in then 1Password will unlock using the Master Password for that account.
    • If multiple 1Password.com accounts are logged in then 1Password will unlock using the Master Password of the first account that was added.
    • If a Primary vault exists 1Password will always unlock using the Master Password for that vault. This supersedes all of the previous rules. [This is not a recommended configuration]

    If you'd like to change this you can reset 1Password for Mac using Help > Troubleshooting > Reset All 1Password Data, and then sign into the account you want to use to unlock 1Password with first. We are evaluating this behavior as it becomes more and more common that folks have multiple 1Password accounts. It may make sense to handle this differently going forward.


  • In MacOS app, I would like either or both of:
    1. ability to reorder accounts in preferences/account, understanding that first in list determines master password for unlocking app,
    2. on login dialog box, be able to choose which account (from a dropdown) to use as master password.


  • ag_joshuaag_joshua

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    Hi @gregs1pwd!

    While we don't currently have plans for reordering accounts within our apps, we actually recommend that our users use the same Master Password across any 1Password accounts that they have, and each individual account is still protected by their unique Secret Keys. Using this method will ensure that you're able to access any accounts that are signed in to our apps, regardless of which one you happened to sign in to first. :smile:

    For example, 1Password X only supports accessing data within multiple accounts at once when accounts use the same Master Password. Otherwise, only one account can be unlocked at time depending on which Master Password is entered. For our full list of suggestions on how to successfully use 1Password with multiple accounts, feel free to take a peek at our support page here:

    How to use multiple accounts

    Let me know if I can assist you with anything else!

    ref: dev/apple/issues#3705

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