Desktop app integration for cli

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Hello. Do you plan desktop app integration for CLI?

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  • ag_ana
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    Hi @jeizsm! Welcome to the forum!

    Can you please elaborate? Is there anything specific you would like to do with the CLI that would require desktop app integration?

  • jeizsm
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    Hi @ag_ana, It's not anything specific, I'm just lazy to type the password every time

  • I see: so, looking to have the CLI and the desktop app lock and unlock together. I can certainly see how that would be a time saver! I'm not aware of any current plans like that but I'll be happy to suggest to the team that it be something we look into. :+1:


  • ben_geels
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    I'm looking for something similar myself. OSX/iterm2 has this built in but it would be nice to have this driven of of the 1password store and also work with linux/terminator. In iterm2 you can do:

    1.) opt+cmd+f ( opens password manager )
    2.) search bar is in focus so you can immediately search without taking your hands off the keyboard
    3.) match on credential automatically selects it
    4.) hit enter ( password is chosen and injected into the terminal )

    Bonus: It detects if the terminal isn't prompting you for a password and has you verify before injecting immediately after clicking enter.

    Best part of this, no mouse, no arrow keys.

  • ag_yaron
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    This is definitely a cool idea @ben_geels !

    Hopefully we'll be able to consider it down the road after we accomplish our main roadmap. Thanks for the info and suggestion!

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