Personal 1passwword on corporate phone

I have 1password family App installed on my corporate supplied iPhone 8. My company is adding an app to my phone to prevent phishing that will be able to “see” my phone. Will some be able to remotely access or “see” my 1password activities or information? The 1PW account is personal.


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    Hi @mattjb

    Without knowing more specifics here it is hard to say for sure, but I'd suspect the answer is 'no.' iOS is designed in such a way that most apps/activities are 'sandboxed.' This means that generally one app cannot see / monitor another app.

    That said, if the phone is 'jailbroken,' that would mean that many of Apple's built-in protections are compromised, and it would absolutely be possible for them to monitor every activity, perhaps even by watching a live stream or recording of everything you see on your screen. As the company owns the device, and there is some suspicion they may be snooping, it may be wise to avoid accessing personal information on it.

    The latter would be an incredibly uncommon occurrence in my experience — generally companies have better things to spend money on than people to constantly monitor every action of their employees, but it isn't outside the realm of possibility. It may be worth having a conversation with your employer to let them know about the concern and see what they have to say about it. They would be in the best position to answer what data they are collecting. Whether they'll be up front about that or not... well, that's a different matter entirely. :)


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