Feature Request/Idea > Multiple Documents in a single 'Item'

I use the feature to add documents to the system regularly
However, I do not like only being able to upload a single file per entry
I think it would be very useful to offer the ability to add several files to a single item
For example > I store photos of my IDs, front and back
If storage space is the reason for the limitation, I would be fine with allowing multiple files up to... say 50MB or some number
Thoughts on this?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @rileyonlineriley

    Where are you seeing this limitation? I'm using 1Password for Mac, and just today added images of the front and back side of a new ID card to a Login item. The implementation details may vary based on which app you're using but it should be possible to link multiple items.


  • Thanks very much for your reply
    I am using PC as well as Android app
    I do not see any form of "attachment" capabilities within a "Login" type object in either
    When I opened the discussion I had been referring specifically to a "Document" type object, which allows to add a singular document as an item in the vault
    I have also used the "Import files as documents" feature, which also creates a singular object for each file.
    So maybe you are correct that the thick app on Mac has something we don't get in these other implementations
    If you have a moment could you post a sample of what the form looks like for you when editing a new item which is allowing you to add multiple attached files/images?

    edited August 21

    Curious about this too.

    When I add a card to 1Password I (have to?) scan the front and the back as two separate Documents and then add two links from the Membership item to these documents.

    How do you do this @Ben?

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I see; I misunderstood the request here. Each file is going to be a separate Document item by design. What I thought you were asking about is having multiple Documents linked to a single e.g. Login item, which is possible:

    Link related items in 1Password

    Sorry for the confusion on my part. If you want to have one Document item that has scans of both the front and back of something the way to do that would be to combine the two scans into a multi-page PDF (using a PDF editing tool — I tend to use Preview on macOS), and then add that PDF as a Document.


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