SCIM provisioning not recognizing WAN IP?

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I've followed the guide for deploying the SCIM bridge to Azure, and have completed the steps up to adding the WAN IP to DNS. As far as I can tell, the Kubernetes service is running correctly. Using "kubectl get services" I've pulled the loadbalancer IP and added as a A record in our DNS with no luck. Besides fat-fingering the IP, is there anything else I should be looking for in terms of connectivity?

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  • Hi @dtucker1965,

    When you say "with no luck", what are you seeing? Can you expand a little on how you are determining the setup to be a failure? Is the SCIM Bridge status page at that URL simply not resolving? Or are you determining the failure from your identity provider (IDP)?

    To troubleshoot I would do the following:
    - Validate your DNS record is correct: dig and compare the value to your load balancer
    - Navigate to your SCIM bridge domain in a web browser ( Does it resolve to a SCIM Bridge status page? If you are following the Azure setup guide, you will have already generated a scimsession file, and so your status page should look like:
    - If that resolves, then the problem lies in your connection with your identity provider. Check your connection from the IDP, the bearer token, and compare against the SCIM Bridge logs.
    - If that does not resolve, something is off with the networking of your kubernetes cluster. Check your networking settings and validate your pod is reachable from the internet.

    Happy to continue helping you here if you can redact personal information. Otherwise please send us an email at [email protected] and link to this thread and we can give you more personalised help.


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