Touch ID not working with 1Password X Beta version 1.21.3

My Touch ID is not working with 1Password X Beta version 1.21.3 in my Chrome browser. It was working great and seemed to stop after a recent upgrade. I would like this to work since I rather not type in my password.

The Touch ID is working on my 7.7 Beta 5 desktop app

1Password Version: 7.7 Beta 5
Extension Version: 1.21.3
OS Version: 10.15.3
Sync Type: Cloud


  • ag_yaronag_yaron

    Team Member

    Hey @klakulak

    We've temporarily removed the Desktop App Integration feature from the beta to make room for a new and improved integration that we're working on. You can read all about it in the official announcement.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to have it released by the end of the year.

  • Thanks for letting me know. I read the official announcement and I understand. In one of the threads you mentioned the following:

    "In the meantime, if Touch ID is a crucial part of your workflow, you can go back to using the old companion extension which connects to the desktop app by default:"

    Can help help me understand the main differences between the old companion extension vs if I stay on the beta x one? If I go back to the old one I gain the Touch ID, but what else would I loose besides the Touch ID for a couple of month if I don't stay with the current beta x version?


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    The biggest difference, other than the fact that the companion extension is integrated with the desktop app, is the interface is completely different. With 1Password X most everything happens "in line" — it modifies the web page you're viewing and inserts itself so that its interface appears as if it were part of the web page. The companion extension doesn't do this. If you're looking at a page you'd have no idea 1Password was installed until you activate it, either using the keyboard shortcut ( ⌘\ by default) or by clicking on its icon in your browser's toolbar.

    You could try it, and if you find it doesn't fit you well, you can fairly easily switch back to 1Password X, but for now the companion extension would be the only way to unlock the browser interface using Touch ID. I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


  • Thank you. I am a huge fan of 1Password and I am constantly promoting it to others. It is a thing with my kids because they keep asking me for things over an over and I told them look in the family vault I am not giving it to you again. :-).

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    We are happy to hear you find 1Password beneficial enough to promote it to others. :chuffed:

    Haha! My oldest now gets sassy when I ask if he saved the password. All I get is, "Dad, if you would look in 1Password, you would see it." Kids!

  • As of date I still can't use touch ID for X beta. I am now using version 1.23.2. I was hoping it would be working by now. When will this be working. I really like that feature.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    We (staff and other users) are all anxious to see the feature return, just as you are. I'm afraid I don't have a time frame to offer. Hopefully soon.

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