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How about a template for vehicles: automobile, boat, motorcycle, space ship, X-wing fighter, etc
The fields could be VIN, Hull number, Title Holder, Insurance, registration, etc

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  • XIII
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    There have been more requests for new categories, but:

    • AgileBits does not plan to add new categories
    • They offer custom templates as a beta feature to business customers, but’s it has been beta for a very long time now...
  • Hi folks,

    XIII summed it up. Hopefully we'll be able to roll out custom categories more broadly as we move forward. For what it's worth, the reason we don't add new categories, is there are tons of requests to do so for all sorts of various things. If we followed through on each of those requests it would be incredibly time consuming and the list of categories would be pages and pages long.

    Until we're in a position to do so, you may find it handy to set up a Secure Note as a 'template' of sorts to store your X-Wing info. :sunglasses:

    Also: I am envious of your X-Wing. ;)


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