Any way to disable the new lock screen popup?



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    Hello! Been using 1Password for some time now at work, and finally made the change over for my personal password manager. Figured it makes sense to post this here since it's relevant and the thread isn't too old:

    I'm also using 7.7 on my Macs in Safari like the poster a couple of posts above me, and am also seeing the inline popup get in the way when 1Password is locked. I keep 1Password locked when not using it (I have some more commonly used credentials memorized), and when entering credentials on a website, the way it currently works, if I hit Enter before remembering to hit Esc, I end up bringing up the login window for 1Password along with actually submitting the info to the website.

    It would be great if the changes that seem to have been implemented for 1Password X, where the popup is not shown when 1Password is locked, could be brought over to the macOS client as well. Even having a checkbox for it would be perfect. The way it works now is definitely a bit workflow breaking, considering I'm accidentally invoking 1Password without having tried to interact with it at all.

    I don't wish to completely disable the popup, as it is the primary way that I fill passwords when I am using 1Password. Hopefully this is something that's in the works, or could be if it's not already. Thanks!

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    Hey @gadgetboyj ,
    Welcome to 1Password :)

    There's an option to disable the popup from automatically opening in 1Password's preferences -> Browsers. If you disable it, 1Password will not show up on its own inside fields, but you will still be able to click the little 1Password icon that shows up on the right corner of a field to bring it up.

    That should be a pretty good middleground for you I believe :chuffed:

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    Hi @ag_yaron,

    I did notice that option, and while I do agree it's a middle ground, it doesn't really work for a keyboard workflow. I would definitely prefer it to work the way it works with 1PasswordX, I use it that way daily at work, and feel that it works very well that way. Still hoping that it makes it's way over to the macOS side!

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    Hello @gadgetboyj,

    Thank you for letting us know. I will send your feedback to the development team as a feature request. Please stay up to date with the latest version of 1Password. That is the best way to get all the fixes and features we offer.

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#582

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    To add: 1Password does have a keyboard shortcut (Cmd+\ by default for Safari). With the inline menu disabled, does that help?


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    The down arrow on your keyboard will also open 1Password's inline menu. if it is locked, press down twice while in a field to show the unlock window :)

  • Thanks @nhat_1P for forwarding it on, and thank you @ag_yaron for that info. I will definitely be using that for now, it's an extra step to remember, and bit of a difference from when I do things at work, but it's better than having it pop up when locked, and me accidentally triggering it all the time. Hopefully sometime in the future, the behavior is made to match 1Password X, but if not, I think this will be a satisfactory workaround for me.

    Thanks again all!

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    On behalf of Yaron et al., you're welcome.

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